Summer out in the garden on that patio, as the sun is slowly beginning to disappear, to be replaced by the dimmer light of a dusky evening – the perfect place and time for the odd cocktail with neighbours or friends.  Whilst the sun is out and everyone can see where they are going and who everyone is, it’s absolutely wonderful and we all have a great time.

The fun really starts when the sun has gone down and the less agile amongst the gathering start tripping all over the place, trayloads of Pimms on ice and bowls of snacky crispy bits and bobs flying all over the shop.  An amusing sight and fodder for the the comedy writers out there, but terrifying for the wobbly guest and the panic stricken hostess!  The way to ensure harmonious and calm drinking on the patio is to invest in proper lighting appropate for the location and purpose. Consulting the experts in this field is a must and will be worthwhile the outlay.