The subject of lighting can ignite passions in more ways than one it seems.  The other evening at a little social gathering nearby, we were treated to a wander around the garden – it’s a pretty standard size, I measure them in fence panels, this one was 6 panels across by 9 panels down each side.  There were herbaceous borders swirling around each side, a small pond down the end and a couple of pretty hefty looking trees.  It was a wonderful experience this time, better than last year when we groped our way around with cocktain in one hand and feeling our way past the plants with the other.

This year the improvement had been brought in with outdodor lighting.  It was one of the best transformations I can think of that I have been to.  Help had been sought for information online.  The products sourced online as was the installer.  Browsing with an uplifting end.