How our forebears managed to ever see anything after lunchtime is a mystery to me.  Their eyesight must have been much better to start with.  Or they were just so easily satisfied with the limited view, they never thought to improve matters.  I find it awfully difficult to read print when the light fades.  I change to heavy duty ‘readers’ and I have a 3 or 4 x magnifier but mother nature has made her stand.

When  you see pictures of how castles were utilised, with great hall for all the major living, no windows to speak of, rudimentary candles up in sconces.  The fire hazard alone is absolutely terrifying!  Today we can just browse the sites of suppiers dedicated to lighting up our lives.  It’s not all simple.  Information on schemes, safety considerations, costs etc. need to be evaluated.  Fortunately a direction and information site is a good place to start!